01 Baseboards: Each baseboard is 11.82 in. x 11.82 in. that could easily be mounted onto any wall, straight or curved. With small openings located on the right of each board, you can connect multiple baseboards effortlessly and evenly across your wall.

02 Front Panels: Qlevo’s front panels are what makes the entire system stand out completely. You can mix and match between different colors, graphics, and textures as Qlevo is completely modular and versatile. We have two panel options available: Rectangular ( 11.82 in. x 5.59 in. ) and Square (5.59 in x 5.59 in.)

03 Shelves: Get more organized by adding a shelf component. You could do so by making your own shelf and adding our shelving bracket accessory to integrate it with your wall or simply use a third party shelf; Qlevo is compatible with them all!

04 Accessories: Having creative freedom and control to customize your Qlevo system your way is a breeze. However, with our accessories, that just got a whole lot easier! There are multiple accessories to choose from in order to meet your display needs, each with their own functional purpose. There are also special accessories designed just to enable you to attach third party accessories as well.

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